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From ornate to purely functional, Empire Fence can custom fabricate many types and colors of handrails and railings. We will work with you to create a design that will complement your project. Together, we can review our catalogs for options and additional decorative items. These can be added to the handrail to enhance the appearance and coordinate with the overall design. For everyone’s safety, we offer ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) complaint solutions for ramps or stairs.

white metal handrail going down steps

white metal handrail exterior of business

metal handrail walgreens store

metal handrail up steps

metal handrail school entrance

metal handrail going down ramp

metal handrail around parking lot

metal handrail and fence around loading dock


bright red handrail in parking lot

black metal handrail school handicap ramp

black metal handrail going down ramp

black 2 rail handrail sidewalk

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