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Chicken Coop, Perimeter Fence, Driveway Gate, Arched Entryway

This residential project was located in Liberty Hill, Texas.  It included a chicken coop, 8 ft tall ornamental perimeter fence with stone columns, custom arched drive gate and stone arched entryway.

Chicken Coop

We started out by pouring a concrete mow strip and then setting the galvanized posts. All of the frame work was then welded onsite including the roofing structure. The pitched roof was fabricated with galvanized corrugated roofing panels bolted down to the frame.

Finally, we stretched the mini mesh 1 inch galvanized fabric and secured it to the 3 rails and posts around.

The coop stands 11 ft tall and is 25 ft x 35 ft with one 36 inch wide gate.

Ornamental Iron Privacy Fence & Stone Columns

The perimeter fence panels were 8 ft tall x 8 ft wide black powder-coated security panels which were welded to 3 inch x 3 inch 14 guage posts and bracketed to columns. Fourteen 2 ft x 2 ft x 8.5 ft stone columns we built through out the front property line

Custom Arched Ornamental Drive Gate with Operator

A double arched gate was fabricated with a 2 inch square tube frame and 3/4 inch square pickets, including a 24 inch diameter 3D Texas star. The top rails were curved through our bender to create the unique arched top and then welded together with the galvanized pickets, circles and Texas star.

The driveway gate rolls on a heavy-duty galvanized v-track, which was formed to set the track in concrete. This allows the gate to sit and operate level.

The driveway gate was powder-coated black and is 7.5 ft tall and 15 ft long.

The gate operator is a solar-powered Lift Master system with an exit loop and goose neck pedestal with key pad.

Arched Stone Entryway

Two 4 inch  1/4 wall thick steel posts were set and connected to a lintel that was 14 ft long x 18 inches wide.

We rocked around the posts keeping a  2 ft x 2 ft square for a total height of 16 ft and then connecting an 18 inch wide run to the 2 columns. We angled each side with a sloped rock wall connecting to two more columns that were 10 ft tall.

Finished Entryway